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SECockpit is a keywords analysis tool for seo projects.It is also named Search Engine Cockpit.If you are webmaster or SEOER,Choosing a Good keywords tool is the first step to your sucess.Secockpit is a tool that is fit for you.SECockpit creates niche keywords ideas through an “seed keyword”. Then,SECockpit will immediately collect and integrate data from various resources.( As I know They cowork with the Biggest SEO Team of SEOmoz,So some of datas are collected from the SEOmoz API).

Secockpit Special Discount Information & Bonus



Also,I know the Secockpt is very fast.It is faster than Market Samurai.If you analysis a keyword with Market Samurai,It takes you about 2 mins,but If you use secockpit to do the same work,It will save you lots of time.The secockpit is a “cloud based” keywords tool,They made a “Server Farm”, So you can analysis 200 keywords in just one minute.

SECockpit was launched by Shane Melaugh & Sam Haenni,They also hired lots of great programmers working for them.You can call them Swissmademarketing Team.Ok,Let me introducts the SEO Swissmademarketing Team.


The Swissmademarketing Secockpit Team was started on 2010, It has established small business solutions for online marketers from niche research to content management systems system.Now,SwissMadeMarketing constantly make an effort to be in the cutting edge of SEO marketing.

The secockpit team is comprised of professional programers in Europe and an worldwide group of entrepreneurs dedicated in providing you with premium quality softwares.

Now let’s take a look at the Swissmademarketing Solutions.They have lots of kinds of SEO tools,From Niche Research to Traffic Optimization and Checking backlinks.

With SECockpit,Help you discover niche Keywords on the search engines;With Ytcockpit,Find the good keywords for your youtube video if you are running the video marketing.With inCMS,you can build a website in just one minute;With TrafficAnalysis app,you can analysis other people’s traffics without login to their dashboard,and the powerful of Backlinkspy App,Analysis your Competitors’ Backlinks easily.

What’s the customers say about the SECockpit …Both of them are qouted from the Famous SEO Forums

I used to use google keywords tool When I began my seo career,Because it’s free for use.As the time past, I knew the keywords stats received from Google keywords tool are either incorrect or incomplete. Luckily, I heard of secockpit from an old Webmaster.It changed my view of niche keywords selecting.

——–CN    Rou Song


I’ve analyzed niche research for several years and I have utilized almost every keywords tool online. Some are great but there isn’t any tools that like secockpt.It is really worth the money,Saved me lots of time when hunting the niche keywords.

——– USA    Talley



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